Boat Detailing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

In order to keep your boat looking new, and to protect your hull from the wear and tear of saltwater and sun, having regular boat detail work performed is important. To protect the hull and to keep it looking new, it should be regularly waxed or treated with a ceramic coating. Areas of rust and staining should be regularly treated and cleaned to protect your boat from the elements, to protect the structural integrity of your boat, and to keep your boat looking new. Stainless steel fixtures may need caulking, replacement, or cleaning to prevent them from rusting and to remove accumulated rust.

Boat-DetailingYour boat might be looking shiny and new today, but without regular maintenance, salt water and the elements can cause the paint to fade, can cause corrosion, and can cause rust or damage that can put the integrity of your hull at risk. Taking the time to regularly wax, maintain, and detail your boat, not only will keep your boat looking new, but it can also increase the longevity of your boat and potentially increase the resale value of your boat. Protect your investment. Consider hiring a boat detail company to professionally detail your boat.

How often should you wax or detail your boat? The simplest and most complex answer is that it depends. A wax or gel coat job should be performed regularly. How often you’ll need to apply wax or a gelcoat will depend on the type of boat you have, how often you use your boat, and whether you store your boat on the off season. Ceramic coating can last longer than a wax job, so some boat owners go with a ceramic coating over waxing. If your boat needs detailing work, consider leaving your boat to the professionals. A professional ceramic coating, wax job, or boat detail job can leave your boat looking like new, protecting your investment for the long-term and even increase the re-sale value of your boat. Need professional boat detailing work done in Fort Lauderdale, Florida? Reach out to our boat detail company today.

Boat Waxing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

boat_pulishBoat waxing jobs protect your boat from sun and ocean damage. Regularly waxing your boat not only keeps it looking new, but it also can protect your hull from damage stemming from salt water exposure and sun. A professional boat detailing company can ensure that your wax job looks its best, is thorough, and it can also save you time. You work hard and many people would rather spend their day out on the water rather than spend the day waxing the boat. How often you’ll need a boat wax job performed will depend on the type of boat you have, the time you spend out on the water, and whether you use your boat year-round or only seasonally. Need a professional boat wax job in Fort Lauderdale, Florida? Reach out to a professional boat waxing company and boat detailing company today.

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    Boat waxing requires so much more than just waxing the boat. You’ll need to completely clean your boat first before applying the wax. Choosing the right wax for the job is also important. While many wax companies claim that their wax lasts the longest, it is important to keep in mind that wax alone isn’t the longest-lasting product. Ceramic coating can last the longest. A professional boat detail company can guide you in using the best possible wax to get your boat looking new and to keep it looking new.

    Boat Polishing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    A good quality boat polishing job can make your boat look shiny and new and protect your boat from wear and tear over the long haul. You might think that because your boat is in the water it doesn’t need polishing or repair, but the elements can be harsh and boats need regular maintenance. Boat detailing and boat polishing can keep your boat looking its best.

    Are you thinking of selling your boat? Is your boat looking a little old? Consider hiring a professional boat polishing company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for your boat detailing needs. Our company can take the time to get your boat polishing done right and thoroughly.

    If you need boat detailing work, reach out to the professionals. Our boat detailers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida can look at your boat, assess what work needs to be done, and get it done professionally and correctly. Sometimes boat owners try to do these jobs themselves, and they end up missing important details, like rust that affects the structural integrity of the boat, or they buff away paint, which results in more work down the line. Proper boat detailing can increase the value of your boat, protect your boat from wear and tear, and get your boat looking great for those days you take it out on the water. Reach out to our boat detailing company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida today.